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July 28, 2011

Summer Time

In the summer Mr. Shoofly and I like to visit places of interest around the state. The Bridge of Flowers can be found in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. A trolley bridge built in 1908, abandoned in 1928 along with the demise of the trolley, flower bridge was the brain child of Antoinette and Walter Burnham. It was created in 1929 with the help of the Shelburne Falls Woman's Club. It holds over 500 varieties of annuals and perennials. It's open in the early spring to late fall.
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July 13, 2011

Off to the Finals

USA finished off France now they're off to the finals to play against Japan. 

Game will be on Sunday.

July 10, 2011

Gooooo USA!

Short a player,questionable calls, and down by one point, USA tie it up in last minute of overtime, then wins in penalty kick shoot out!

Is it meant to be?

July 9, 2011

A Quilt and A Long Over Due Thank You

I've been away for a while, computer problems and end of the year wrap up has kept me away. I haven't  sewn much. matter of fact not at all until this week. Lots of things have happened around here, but I'll save those for another post.
First of all I want to thank Amy Hamberlin of Katie cupcake  fame. I was lucky enough to win a fat quarter bundle of her delicious new line, Sugar Blossom! It's simply beautiful and I can see a a sweet little quilt just for me.

Sweet huh?

Don't ya just love the colors?
Yes, there will be a quilt just as soon as I finish up some unfinished projects. I have quite few and some of my mother's too, but I'm dreaming of those gorgeous fabrics wrapping around me .
So Thank You Amy for your generosity. If you haven't visited Amy yet,  pop over there now.
 A couple of my colleagues had babies this year, and I wanted to make a quilt for each of them. You saw one here. But then my quilting mojo just up and left me, that is until this week. So with out further ado here is Owen's Quilt...
and back.
Seems like jungle theme  is all the rage for babies this year. Mr. Shoofly  has a co-worker who is expecting  her first child and her nursery theme is monkeys. So I'm looking for some cute monkey fabric, I'm liking some of Anne Kelle's Urban Zoologie but so far haven't found it in the color way I want.
Enjoy your weekend.

July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday USA

Here's to our forefathers,who created this country and to all the service men and women who help keep us safe. Here's to all the people who make this country what it is.