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July 2, 2009

Design Gives Back

Here's Liberty in the Oliver Wendell "Play Strong" scarf.
A storm was brewing and she's afraid of thunder so Miss Libby was saying, "Hurry up Mom!"
Decorating this scarf was a lot of fun. My mother had a bunch flowers left over from past projects, so I just glued them on.
This is a Design gives back project. Decorating an Oliver Wendell "Play Strong" scarf and taking a picture of a dog wearing the scarf earns a 10 dollar donation towards helping abandoned pets. Kelee's goal was 150 scarves by July 6th earning $2,000! I hope she reached her goal.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Your scarf turned out so cute! Poor Libby - my dog Abby is scared of thunder too. She hides under the bed, behind the couch, wherever she can.