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September 20, 2009

A block made for "A Quilter's Dozen" Block swap. I've enjoyed the beautiful weekend. Took my mother to a local quilt shop, Quilt and Treasures, yesterday. Visited my sister today and snatched up her grand babies, and stopped by an apple orchard.

A nice change from the hectic work week. My DS is a soccer player in his last year of high school(Whoohoo!!!) so worked the concession stand three times this week. Did my volunteering for the season. Had to decide which proofs to choose for senior pictures. Not an easy decision, Maryellyn from did a superb job!


April Pantall said...

What a cute block - I love the colors!

andsewon said...

Love this block and the colors you used.
Sounds like a fun time you had!!
Senior year is both a fun and sad time or was for me with my baby boy...;-)