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February 2, 2010

Life's Little Blessings

Rachel, of Not-So-Plain Jane,  posted about things in her life that makes her glad to be alive. I thought I'd follow suit.  So here are some of the things that makes me appreciate my life.
a cup of tea in my favorite mug
a good book
the thump,thump of a wagging tail
feel of cotton 
smell of clean sheets after they've been hung outside
banter between my husband and son
hum of my sewing machine
my son's laughter
the "me" time  I need and that  my husband understands
the light bulb moment when one of my students gets it
hugs from my great-nieces
sunday drives
my sister judy
my mother
laughing with my
son, sister,mother,and husband
my friend and co-work dawn, who helps me keep my persepective
my blogging friends
So what make you happy?


Valerie said...

This would be a great post for me to do. I have such a sad feeling (heaviness) today. I even cried at a country song today. I need to list what makes me happy. I might try to do that in the next few days. The one thing that makes me happy is peace. I love peace. I don't like conflict. I love your post. Thank you for making me think of the things that make me happy. I have got to get rid of this feeling because I am not normally like this at all. Remember me in your prayers.

Melinda Cornish said...

I think being grateful for the good things is really what life is all about and sometimes we need to remind ourselves to take a look at stuff like this.....
My family
having the kids here
being loved and loving back
spring or the promise of it
my pets...
books, books, books and most of all being able to create things and having the time to do it!
thanks for such a great post Patty!

Judy C said...

Things that make me happy.
my granddaughters
my daughters
the love of my husband
sewing with my sister
my moms whistle (she's happy when she is whistling)
fall leaves
spring flowers
my cats
and lastly reading my sisters blog and finding out that I make her happy too! Love ya Patty

anti snore said...

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