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November 15, 2011

Wip and a Ghastlie Winner

Went to Meeting House Fabrics again this weekend for the  first of two Belsnickel classes. We made the body, sculpted the arms, and prepped the face for painting.
 I don't like the way he's standing, so I'll have to add more stuffing and make some  re-adjustments.
.  Next week we'll put the finishing touches on him. Come back next week and see how he turns out!

I came home from a long day's work tonight and found this waiting for me...

Madame Samm had a Ghastlie blog hop and I was the lucky winner of this Ghastlie apron.
Nan Slaughter of  Pots &Pins made this wonderful Ghastlie  apron.  Not only is Nan a very talented seamstress and wonderful cook, she writes books too! Be still my heart she included  one of her very own Halloween books, along with a spool of Presencia thread!
Would it wrong if I prance around the house wearing my  fancy schamancy apron  after work tomorrow?

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