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March 28, 2012

Double Trouble

My sister is a long arm quilter, she quilted three of the four quilts that I put in the show. She had six quilts and our friend Annette put two in. Judy quilted one of hers too.

Every year in October, we go on a quilt retreat, Some times we take a class other times we do our own thing.  These quilts are my sister's  we took a class from a woman named Lark called "Double Trouble."
We got two quilt from this pattern. I was not crazy about the class but we got some very pretty quilts from this class. Mine are not quilted yet. 

Here is another version of the same quilt pattern. These were made by Terry, for her granddaughters.

This is Annette's quilt, it was is a block of the month using Marti Mitchel's templates three of us started  it only Annette finished. It's really pretty, the photo doesn't do it justice.

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Ivory Spring said...

I enjoyed seeing the different variations.