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July 20, 2009

Day Tripping...

First I want to show you what I won. Sue from Alderwood Quilts had a give away a few weeks back and I was the lucky winner!

I love the colors and plan on making this quilt very soon. Thank You Sue!

The Chab is on vacation this week. We are planning to do some work around the house, and take a few day trips if the weather permits. Let me just say that I love New England! I live in western Massachusetts and can drive south and be in Connecticut in less than a half an hour, or head north and end up in Vermont or New Hampshire in about one hour.

On Sunday we decided to head north to Brattleboro Vermont. There's a little record shop Chab likes to visit. While he peruses the old vinyl, I hit a few of the neat shops along main street. Brattleboro is very artsy. One of places that I always visit is Twice Upon a Time, a neat antique shop where I picked up some vintage fabric...

Afterwards we jumped on Route 30, headed north for a little bit and stopped here for a late lunch.

New England is known for its covered bridges. The first one is in Vermont and I believe that it's the longest covered bridge in Vermont. The second one is in Massachusetts near Charlemont.

In Heath Mass. We discovered Berkshire Sweet Gold Maple Farm.

This syrup is made totally by solar power. We tried some on Monday morning. Yum!

A few more sights along the Mohawk Trail...

Bears are big in this neck of the woods!
It is worth noting that the Native Americans who lived along the Mohawk trail and in Eastern region were primarily farmers and did not live in tepees. They lived in Wetus, Wigwams, and Longhouses, you can see their housing here.
Enjoy your day!

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Missy Melissy said...

Hi Patty. I'm thinking about starting a little internet quilt group. Would you be interested? I have several who would like to and want to have twelve altogether. I thought each person could have a month, and say what they like. If you are particular, you could mail each person fabric. (you know I wouldn't be) Anyway, in your month, you could provide a pattern or give an idea as general or specific as you like. For example, I really want a Christmas quilt. I think I would say that I would like a Christmasy block made from blue, white and silver. I would say it could be any size or pattern. Then I would make one, put it on the site (we would have our own blog site that all twelve of us can contribute to) and the other eleven would make what they want to add and send it to me. Then I would have 12 blocks and would make up a quilt and then post those pictures back to the site too. If we each have a month, we each get a quilt. Sounds like fun to me. Tell me what you think.