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July 11, 2009

Taste of Enfield

Haven't tackled the mitered borders yet. I've had a bit of bad news about my job, and it has made me quite angry, needless to say I've had a hard time concentrating... but my rock garden is looking better! Weeding is such good therapy it's a way to work off my anger, but I digress... We've been attending the taste of Enfield (Ct) for a number of years and last night was the night. The Taste hosts a bunch of little tents filled with Enfield's restaurants so the populace can sample their wares. I think its set up on the town common right next to the town hall.

All kinds of people come out to enjoy...
There's always music, and families spread out on the common to listen.

All kinds of food of course...

My Hub like sausage grinders Yumm...

Fried Ravioli ? Interesting.

Is this an American staple now a days? This was one of the most popular booths.

This was the most popular booth! Pirogis anyone???

Dickey Betts-"Lord I was born a ramblin' man..."

No matter where I go, I see...

There was a family sitting next to us and I spied this little gem. I asked if I could take a picture and found out it was made for the mom by her grandmother. I told her it was a treasure and she replied that he kids had pretty much wrecked it. I replied that it could still be saved and she just chuckled. I Hope she thinks about it and at least puts it away. It still amazes me that some people just don't realize the value of handmade things.

So we'll just have to appreciate it for them...

Have a nice day.

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