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June 8, 2010

Oh Yes He Did!

My one and only child graduated Sunday. Yay! It's been quite a journey, the past week was filled with banquets, awards, class trips, a party on Saturday and a graduation on Sunday in the midst of tornado warnings ( extremely unusual in this neck of the woods). 
James the night of Senior Banquet (He wore matching blue shoes).
Look Ma, Here it is! 
The picture in the background is of his soccer team winning Western Mass .
Proud parents.
Grandma and my boy
It was a great week, a lot of work but so worth it.


Sandra Henderson said...

Great looking young man... Got the world by the tail! :)
Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. XO

Valerie said...

Oh you have every right to be proud. Enjoy it. Tell him congrats from a blogger friend in Ga.

Anonymous said...

yeah, he did, i looking forward that i did it so..

Mary said...

Congratulations! That's always a great accomplishment both for mother and son ( or at least in my case it was!)

Judy C said...

What a handsome kid! I love that kid and you congratulations!
Now on to college and more time for mom to quilt with me.
Love ya sister.

Melinda Cornish said...

what a wonderful makes it worth all the work doesnt it?

Make Do & Mend said...

Enjoy this wonderful time, it makes all the work worthwhile! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog this week too