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October 27, 2011

Some More Retreat Results

We left for Incarnation Center Retreat  earlier than usual this year, right after work on Thursday. Usually I take my Feather weight with me,and this year was no exception. I managed to get a few tops done but haven't quilted them yeat because I don't quilt on my Feather weight. I don't think you can, can you? Let me know if any of you have quilted using your Feather weight. 
Any way here are some pictures of what I managed to accomplish this past weekend.
A couple of mini  Halloween wall  hangings.

Halloween was the theme this year for me.

Another baby quilt.

Here's a picture of Annette hiding from my sister taking her picture, but I caught her. 
Annette is great, she very quiet and doesn't like a lot of attention drawn to her. She comes out her shell when she's around us. She has no choice. I love this picture of her cause that's what we do on retreat laugh, sew, laugh, eat, sew, laugh... get the picture?

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Barb said...

Great fun and wonderful got alot done!